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Frequently asked questions

How do the tours work?

You would arrange a time and date for our team to come to your premises. Ideally, your space should be cleaned and prepped ready for our arrival.

We start by setting up our specialist 360 scanning camera on a tripod and make the first scan. We take a scan every 7 – 10 feet apart to ensure good coverage and a neat doll house view. Every area should be scanned for a complete doll house view. Any area which isn’t scanned won’t be included in the doll house.

Once all the areas are scanned, we will mark all windows and mirrors in the space which also makes for a neat and tidy doll house. We then upload the scans to our server where they are all stitched together to make your tour.

Upload can take up to 24 hours but is often sooner. Once complete, we start work on your tags. When tagging is complete, we send you a direct link to your tour and also some code for your webmaster to embed the tour into your website.

How long does it take to complete scans for a virtual tour?

The time it takes to make a virtual tour depends on the size and the complexity of the space. Typically a small space would take around one hour to complete, while larger spaces can take around four hours to complete.

How do I prepare for a tour?

We have made a PDF document to help our clients to prepare for their virtual tour. You can DOWNLOAD PDF HERE.

What can I use tags for?

Tags are points within the tour which, when clicked, show media such as text, photographs and videos. PDF documents are also used within tour tags. With video, you can upload your media to YouTube and link to it directly in the tour. Click this text to take you to a sample video tag. Tags are a great way for customers to interact with your tour and can be added or removed at any time.

Can people be in the tour?

As long as people are perfectly still during the scans, they can be in the tour. If anyone moves, they will become blurry like ghosts.

Faces can be blurred within the tour but this must be decided before the tour is uploaded to our servers.

Can I turn off a section of the tour?

Yes. You can choose to hide any of the scans that we’ve taken. However, these areas will still be visible in the doll house and floor plan.

Can a tour be photoshopped

Unfortunately a tour cannot be edited once complete. It is important to think about what you would like in your tour and what you would not. Avoid things which will outdate like offers on posters etc. Staff in tours should also be avoided as they may leave the business.

Do you make websites?

Yes. Some of our clients ask us to make their website and also embed their tour which we can do at a competitive rate.

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